Boost and broaden your local economic strategy in 2017

How we implemented a step-change in regional economic strategy and ambition in under 12 months, in collaboration with stakeholders, businesses and leading global experts…. During much of 2015 and 2016 I was privileged to help establish and manage the London Stansted Cambridge Corridor Growth Commission. The Growth Commission was a panel of independent experts set up […]

Local economic strategies: our top 10 tips and ideas

At My Local Economy, we pride ourselves on assisting local organisations and stakeholders develop local economic strategies that directly reflect genuine local strengths, capabilities and opportunities. We’re different to other consultants in our field – and we tend to get clients who want to move forward in terms of tangible delivery tasks, and want new solutions for […]

Local Economic Development: why doing nothing is not an option

“But surely the growth will happen anyway, we don’t need to do anything?” I was at a meeting of senior stakeholders a few weeks ago when one of them said “but surely the growth will happen anyway, we don’t need to do anything.” I almost fell off my seat. Firstly, we were sitting in an […]

International case study: NYC Metro Area

NYC Metro Area: a leading tech region that is embracing devolved solutions to economic development In the fifth international case study for the London-Stansted-Cambridge-Corridor-Growth-Commission, we have looked at the New York City Metropolitan Area in the USA. Through these case studies we hope to learn what might drive further growth and prosperity in the London-Stansted-Cambridge Corridor and […]

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